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No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow.

- Lin Yutang

Sri Lanka is an exotic heaven, blessed with a tropical climate, it's a holiday maker's paradise. Also synonymous as the pearl of the Indian Ocean, this tiny island is full of magical treasures waiting to be discovered by its wanderers. With a rich history dating back to thousands of years, Sri Lanka is an island filled with historical sites, laced with the deep blue ocean and decorated with stunning mountains and waterfalls.

This exquisite land is home to many endangered species with an extraordinary wildlife one must explore. The flora and fauna are exotic and captivating, with beautiful blooms native to this paradise. The year around tropical climate makes Sri Lanka a place to truly unwind and relax. The golden sun glistens 365 days a year providing rays of happiness across the country.

Colombo is Sri Lanka's commercial hub, buzzing with the cosmopolitan vibes of a typical city. Colombo is vibrant, bursting with culture, warm smiles and exquisite dining spots. Home to many five star hotels, there are hidden gems of intimate boutique resorts for those who crave the city vibes but enjoy the intimate comforts of a luxurious private resort. Sri Lanka is an ideal holiday destination for a complete getaway from the everyday chaotic lifestyle, an enchanting escape where the world is warmer, brighter and happier. Be it a holiday with family, a romantic getaway, an escape to re-connect with your inner-self, Sri Lanka is all that and more.