Pilgrimage Tour 02

Pilgrimage Tour 02


Day 01

Arrival (Approx. 45 minues drive – about 37 KM )

Late evening Arrival at Colombo Airport. Transfer to Hotel for Overnight stay.  (45kms / 30 min )

In Colombo Hotel.

Check in to hotel and overnight at Hotel (Dinner not included) 

Day 02


Breakfast at Hotel - 0700HRS TO 0730HRS

After Breakfast City tour of Colombo with visits to Kelaniya Temples & Gangaramaya

Dinner at a Chinese Restaurant

Lunch at a Chinese Restaurant  

Overnight stay at Hotel.

Visit Kelaniya Temple - 1100 hrs to 1230hrs

Kelaniya (Kalyani) is mentioned in the Buddhist chronicle, the Mahawansa摩诃文萨(Mahawansa)时期 which states that the Gautama 乔达摩Buddha (5th century BC) visited the place, after which the Dagaba (舍利塔)of the temple was built. Buddhists believe that the Buddha visited Kelaniya in order to quell a quarrel between two Nāga leaders 娜伽领袖of two warring factions: Chulodara (literally "the small-bellied one") and Mahodara (literally "the big-bellied one"). They were quarrelling over a jewel-encrusted throne. After the Buddha showed them the futility of their quarrel they converted to Buddhism and together offered the throne to the Buddha. It is believed that the Dagaba (Sthupa or Buddhist temple) seen today was built with the throne as a relic inside.

Visit Gangaramaya Temple – 0800 HRS

One of Sri Lanka's most important Buddhist centers lies on the edge of Beira Lake close to central Colombo. On-site is a temple, library, and museum, which has rare Buddhist artifacts from around the world and a collection of elephant tusks. Stroll around the peaceful grounds to see the Bodhi tree, pagoda, and monk's assembly hall. Notice the dazzling array of bejeweled and gilded gifts left by devotees over the years and give your regards to the resident elephant.


Day 03

Colombo - Kandy (Approx. 03 ½ hours drive – about 120 KM )

Breakfast at Hotel 0700 TO 0800HRS

After early Breakfast leave for Kandy (120kms / 2hrs 30 min).

1030HRS TO 1130HRS En-route visit Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

PINNAWALA ELEPHANT ORPHANAGE - Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage is the home for about 60 elephants, out of which many are baby elephants found, abandoned or orphaned in the wild. They are being cared, fed and trained by the wild life authorities. The best time to visit is during the feeding times, when one will have the opportunity of seeing the baby elephants being bottle-fed. Also could accompany the elephants to a river close-by and see the elephants having their daily bath.

1200 HRS Lunch at Elephant Bay Restaurant in Pinnawela

Thereafter, go to Peradeniya Garden (Travelling time 20 to 30 minutes)


Peradeniya Garden - Sri Lanka’s botanic gardens have a long and proud history, punctuated by colonialism, and industrial change. Throughout this period the gardens have continued to flourish, and the plant collections and herbarium grown. Within the context of the 21st century, the gardens represent a significant national asset for Sri Lanka.

Over 1.4 million people visit Sri Lanka’s botanic gardens every year. And that is in addition to the 5% of the nation’s schoolchildren who visit annually. As a profit-making public institution, employing almost 450 people, the National Botanic Gardens are uniquely placed to educate by stealth, taking advantage of the pleasure and joy experienced by visitors to share, gradually, our growing knowledge and expertise in conservation, biodiversity, floriculture and sustainability.


Also witness the Pooja / worshipping ceremony for Lord Buddha with drumming and chanting. You can also witness the Local devotees make offering of flowers to the shrine and making prayers for good life.Special offering of Holy water.This drop of water is equal to touching of living Buddha. Clients will have blessing for their spirit by holding drop of this water. Weekly ceremony of cleansing of relic use of hundreds of flowers herbs, valuable Aurvadic valid plants. Rinsed water collected and provided to spiritual devotees and for ill health, new born babes to cleanse their soul.

It will be a difficult tast to obtain this water as the volume is very small at each cleansing. MAC Travels will obtain this with very special permission for the group. ( Pending approval )   

KANDY - The last seat of the Sinhala kings ceded power to the British in 1815 & is the most visited place in the island. Situated 488 meters above sea level, Kandy is the most popular destination for foreigners as well as for locals. Its main attraction is the Dalada Maligawa, which houses the sacred tooth relic of Lord Buddha. The high light of the year is the annual Perapera, held in July/august every year, when a replica of the relic casket is taken in procession for ten glittering nights accompanied by exotically costumed dancers, drummers & over 100 elephants. There are numerous shrines & temples in and around Kandy with rare paintings, frescoes & stone carvings. Visit the royal botanical gardens at Peradeniya, which houses over 4000 species of plants. Kandy is an exciting place for shopping, with souvenirs in ebony, silver, brass, bronze, lacquer works, handlooms, gemstones & batiks.

Meeting with Chief Prelate of the Malwatte Chapter Most Ven. Thibbotuwawe Sri Sumangala Siddhartha Mahanayaka Thero.

Overnight Kandy Hotel Mahaweli Reach.


Day 04

Kandy - Giragama – Lankatilake – Embakke – gadoladeniya 

Breakfast at Hotel

VISIT Asgiri Chapter high priest


1330HRS VISIT Lankatilaka 

At the outskirts of Kandy town, one will find this unique Buddhist temple built of stone, brick, and lime plaster. Lankatilaka Temple was first built in 1344 during the rein of King Buvanekabahu IV. This temple is built on a large, uneven outcropping, forcing the builders to construct off an uneven foundation. Originally, the temple was built in four stories and rose some 25 meters. Now, the temple only has a section of the first floor covered with a tiled wooden roof. The "dragon arch" main entrance, which faces east, is accessed from a long stone stairway leading from the village at the base of the rock. The architecture of the Buddha figures are said to be from the Pallawa style.

1400HRS Embekka Temple

Build in year 1357 by the period of King Vikramabahu the 3rd. The Devalaya in Embekka is dedicated to the worship of Mahasen, popularly known as God Katharagama. The shrine consists of three sections, The Drummers' Hall that has drawn the attention of visitors to the site, due to the splendid wood carvings of its ornate pillars and its high pitched roof. It is said that some of the wood work utilized for the "Drummers' Hall" came from an abandoned "Royal Audience Hall" of the King.

Pooja ceremony with the Kapu Mahattaya or the Servent to God requesting for blessing of God Katharagama. For this special programe we will organize special fruit baskets for the group to offer with flowers and jasmine sticks for clients to offer for the ceremony. God’s servant will make the offering behalf of the group and request blessing of the god. Each client will be offered blessed ‘hand band’ for protection from evil spirits and bad luck.

1500HRS Gadaladeniya Temple

Situated in close proximity of Embakke & Lankatilake temples, The Ancient Temple built during Gampola period Mid. 14th-centuary. It has very interesting architecture mixed both with Buddhism and Hinduism, mainly Buddhist temple has a Hindu shrine attached. It contains some interesting Buddha images and frescoes from the 14th century. Built almost exclusively of stone in 1344 by the Gampola King Wicramabahu, situated on a hilltop, commanding views of the surrounding countryside. The architecture is Dravidian. The entrance porch features large stone pillars which support a roof of huge stone slabs. The 650 year old jak wood doors still exhibit their original paintings.

1600 TO 1800 HRS

Leave for Giragama Tea Plantation. (15kms /30min)  Situates approximately 15 kms from Kandy City.

This tea factory identified to produce one of the best black Sri Lankan Tea. According to altitude Sri Lankan tea divided to upper, mid and low grown and upper grown tea is much lighter in Colour while lower grown tea is much stronger and darker popular among the Arabic tea drinkers. While the mid grown tea is medium in Colour and full of aroma and taste.

Clients have the opportunity to meet the staff of the plantation and learn about Sri Lankan tea processing. Thereafter, clients are invited to taste & enjoy factory cup of tea at the special seating area for visitors.

Visit Gem museum and lapidary to learn about Sri Lankan precious and semi precious gems. Also clients can buy valuable gems only or ask the craftsmen’s to design and create master pieces of jewelrySri Lanka is most famous for its precious Blue Sapphire’s gems, Cat Eyes, Rubys, Star Sapphires.

Return to hotel.

1830 hrs Dinner at Oakray Chinese Restaurant in Kandy

Overnight Kandy Mahaweli Reach Hotel   

Day 05

KANDY- Matale - Aluvihare – DAMBULLA – SIGIRIYA (Approx. 03 ½ hours drive – about 100 KM )

Breakfast at Hotel 

After breakfast leave for Dambulla (50kms one way /1hr & sightseeing 16kms /3hrs),

1000 TO 1130 HRS Visit to Matale Aluvihara Temple

Matale Aluvihara Temple   - The significance of the temple is an original piece of the Buddhist writing "Pāli Canon "After Buddha's death, the Buddha Dhamma (a sort of imaginary bible for Buddhism) was passed on from generation to generation verbally by his pupils and finally it was written and translated to different languages from this temple

Meet the high priest of the Historical Aluvihara Royal Temple and discuss about the history of the temple & how this temple happen to be the safe hose to millions of existing original manuscripts of Lord Buddha’s teaching.

1200HRS Lunch at Ranweli Spice Garden.


A rock mass which was converted to a rock temple in the 1st century BC by King Walagambahu who took refuge. Five caves in number houses the biggest collection of Buddha statues including a colossal Buddha statue, 14 meters carved out in solid rock. Some of the paintings covering the walls & the ceilings are over 2000 years old.

Meet the high priest of the Golden Temple and discuss the projects that he has planned for the local community and development of Buddhism.

Return to hotel.

Dinner at Hotel in Aliya Resort & Spa

Overnight at Hotel in Aliya Resort

Day 06

SIGIRIYA – POLONNARUWA – ANURADHAPURA (Approx. 04 ½ hours drive – about 180 KM )

Breakfast at Hotel
After breakfast leave for Sigiriya.

A stunning rock mass known as the fortress in the sky was built in the 5th century by King Kassapa, nominated as the eighth wonder in the world is a world heritage site. Sigiriya is a masterpiece of construction, irrigation & art. The highlights are the world – famous frescoes paintings, the mirror wall, the summit of the rock, 1.5 hectares, is the site of the old palace, the throne & a swimming pool. The water gardens is restored to it’s former glory & is a world heritage site.

The Island’s medieval capital (11 Cen – 12 Cen.) Rose to fame, after Anuradhapura’s decline. Polonnaruwa shows the interesting blend of the influence of south Indian Hindu culture on the Sinhala Buddhist art & architecture. The highlights are the Siva Devales, 湿婆庙,the gal vihare 伽尔寺complex which houses four statues of Buddha carved out in living rock, Lankatileke viharaya, thivanka imagehouse, alahena pirivena monastery, stone book, watadage, hatadage, kiri vehera & the giant man-made reservoir, the sea of parakrama bigger than the Colombo harbor.

Proceed to Anuradhapura.
Dinner at the Rajarata Hotel.
Overnight at Rajarata Hotel.

Day 07

ANURADHAPURA / MIHINTALE / COLOMBO (Approx. 05 ½ hours drive – about 230 KM )

Breakfast AT Hotel

0830 TO 1000 HRS VISIT MIHINTALE – (8 Kms )
Mihintale is a mountain peak near Anuradhapura in Sri Lanka. It is the site of the meeting between the Buddhist monk Mahinda and King Devanampiyatissa which inaugurated the presence of Buddhism in Sri Lanka. It is now a pilgrimage site, and the site of several religious monuments and abandoned structures.Meeting with High priest in Mihintale Royal Temple.And Pirith chanting ceremony and offering of Blessed threads to each client for good spiritual guidance.

1030 TO 1300 HRS Leave for visit historical ruins in Anuradhapura

ANURADHAPURA - Sri Lanka’s first capital funded in the 5th Century B.C. is situated in the dry zone. It is one of Sri Lanka’s premier ancient cities. The main highlights are: the sacred Bo tree (2200 years old), royal twin baths, Isurumuniya rock temple, 1st century Abey giriya, 3rd century Jetavanarama (a world heritage site), the brazen palace with 1600 monolithic 独石columns, the Samadhi Buddha carved in solid rock, guard stones, moonstones, twin ponds, Ruwanveliseya & Thuparama pagoda

1300 HRS Lunch at Rajarata Hotel

Leave for Colombo.

Dinner at Restaurant in Colombo
Overnight at hotel in Colombo.

Day 08

COLOMBO CITIES – AIRPORT DEPARTURE (Approx. 45 minutes drive – about 37 KM )

Breakfast at Hotel
Full day visit to Colombo city including shopping.

COLOMBO - The commercial capital of Sri Lanka, with bustling bazaars, Buddhist & Hindu temples and mosques contrast with high rises, smart modern shopping malls and chain hotels is thickly populated. Sightseeing highlights include the Colombo National & Dutch period museums, old and new Parliament Houses, interesting Buddhist temples & shrines, Hindu temples, dedicated to different gods. Kelaniya Buddhist temple, one of the three places, Lord Buddha visited is also located in the immediate suburbs of the city. A 36 feet beautifully executed Buddha statue is erected opposite the BMICH.

Colombo stretches along the western shore of Sri Lanka for nine miles. It is not just a simple city of one and half million people, but a metropolis, where different ethnic groups, religions and cultures intermingle. Here the contrast between high raise hotels and colonial mansions, supermarkets and dazzling cars and motor-rickshaws is found anywhere you look. Also visits to Fort area, the commercial center, ’’Pettah’’ Colombo’s bustling bazaar area, cinnamon gardens which are full of large residences, Buddhist temples, Hindu temples & mosques

1230 HRS Lunch at a Chinese restaurant
1830 HRS Dinner at a Chinese restaurant

Thereafter departure transfer to Katunayake international airport

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A beautiful majestic city with a rich history and a royal presence still evident in its glory. The sacred temple of the tooth relic is a must visit including a trip to the gorgeous botanical gardens.

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