Ayurveda Tour of Sri Lanka 02

Ayurveda Tour of Sri Lanka 02


Day 01

AIRPORT/YAPAHUWA  (Approx. 02 ½ hours drive – about 125 KM )

Arrive in Sri Lanka. You will be met by a representative of MAC Travels and transferred to hotel in Yapahuwa.

Evening free to explore surrounding area or to visit Yapahuwa temple.

Yapahuwa (The Citadel)

 The rock fortress complex of Yapahuwa was one of the ephemeral capitals of medieval Sri Lanka and built in the 13th century BC. It is located 112 Km away from Colombo in the North-Western province of Sri Lanka, midway between the cities of Kurunegala and Anuradhapura. King Bhuvanekabahu the First used the rock fortress as his capital and enshrined the sacred tooth relic of Lord Buddha within the temple.

The impressive granite outcrop of Yapahuwa has some fascinating features such as Yapahuwa’s steep ornamental staircase, the Yapahuwa Lion stone sculpture, (which appears on the former 10-rupee note), carvings by the staircase, the ruined stupa on the Yapahuwa Rock, Buddha statues in the temple and Kandyan era paintings inside the temple. In addition, The Yapahuwa Museum is a ‘must visit’ feature, located in close proximity to the main site

Overnight stay at Maho Ayurveda Kuren Hotel, Yapahuwa.

Day 02 - 07

Free to enjoy Auyrveda Treatments at the hotel.

Overnight stay at Maho Ayurveda Kuren Hotel, Yapahuwa

Complete Ayurveda Consultation (For medical needs and wellness program)

Ayurveda food and drinks recommended by Ayurveda Consultants.

24 hours medical attention by Ayurveda physician (Room service if required).

Minimum of Six treatments per day.

All Ayurveda medicines required during the total stay

Yoga and Meditation are complementary for the in-house guests. Please get in touch with the reception to check and arrange yoga session.  1 time meditation program will be arranged per week as well.

List of Treatments (Will be arrange based on the Consultant’s Recommendation) – Subject to extra charge.

  • Head Massage (20 min)
  • Face Massage (20 min)
  • Foot Massage (45 min)
  • Body Massage ( 45 min)
  • Neck and Shoulder Massage (20 min)
  • Face Mask ( 30 min)
  • Inhalation (15 min)
  • Nasya
  • Pinda Sweda (30 min)
  • Shirodhara (25 min)
  • Acupuncture
  • Pitchu
  • Steam Bath (20 min)
  • Herbal Bath (20 min)
  • Full Body Massage (Head Massage/Body Massage / Foot Massage and Steam Bath) (120 min)
  • Synchrony Body Massage ( 30 min)
  • Flower Bath (20 min)
  • Akshi Tharpana (Special Eye Treatment)
  • Consultation 

Overnight stay at Maho Ayurveda Kuren Hotel, Yapahuwa

Day 08

YAPAHUWA/MIHINTHALE  (Approx. 03 ½ hours drive – about 100 KM )

 After Breakfast proceed to Mihinthale to visit the ancient ruins. Later Check-in & relax at the hotel. 

 Mihintale & Ancient Hospital (Weda Sala)

 ‘Mihintale’ is a mountain peak situated 12 km away from the famous City of Anuradhapura. According to legend, Mihintale is revered as the birthplace of Buddhism in Sri Lanka. The path to Mihintale rock is through wide stone steps and the area is surrounded by dense jungle. There is abundance of ancient stone architecture surrounding the many stupas, monastic complexes and other sacred shrines. The sacred precinct features the unforgettable sequence of beautiful shrines, stupas and caves strung out across wooded hills. Some of these include ‘Kantaka Cetiya’, ‘Ambasthala Dagoba (Mango Tree Stupa)’, ‘Mihindu Guha (Mahinda’s Bed)’, ‘Vejja Sala (Hospital)’, and ‘Kaludiya Pokuna (Pond of Black Water)’.It was reported by Chinese Mahayana Buddhist priest “Fa- Hsien” who visited the cave in the 5th century that Mihinthalawa was home to over 2000 Buddhist monks at that time. To support that number of monks, Mihintalawa should have been a complete monastery with all facilities for the resident monks. The complete Veda Sala or the hospital complex is one of these support facilities which can be still seen today.The ruins of the present hospital is attributed to King Sena II (853-887 AD). But it is believed that there was a hospital at Mihintale long before this building. The inner Chamber of the hospital is centered around a Buddha Shrine. Around it are the rooms for the patients. Each room entrance face the shrine and is about 10×10 feet in size. The corners have larger rooms and the medicinal trough is on the North-Eastern eastern room. The southern side of the building is the outer court which contain the hot water and steam bath, a clinic, a medicine stores, the refectory and a grinding stone for grinding medicine

Overnight stay at Ulpotha Anuradapuraya

Day 09 -13


Free to enjoy Auyrveda Treatments/Yoga at the hotel.

Overnight stay at Ulpotha Anuradapuraya

Day 14

ANURADAPURAYA/POLONNARUWA/KANDY  (Approx. 06 ½ hours drive – about 275 KM )

After Breakfast proceed to visit medieval capital city of Polonnaruwa. Later after Lunch , leave for Kandy and reach to Kandy by evening hours.


To the east of the Cultural Triangle, following the Anuradhapura era is the second ancient capital of Sri Lanka, ‘Polonnaruwa.’ This ancient city is adorned with the remnants of the glorious kingdom of the Great King Parakramabahu I. The ruins stand on the east shore of a large artificial lake, the ‘Topa Wewa’ , or ‘Parakrama Samudra’ (the Sea of Parakrama), created by King Parakramabahu I, who was quoted as saying that "not even a drop of water from the rain must flow into the ocean without being made useful to mankind".

Another draw for tourists is the city's population of ‘toque macaques’. The monkeys have been living in the ruins since human occupation and continued to thrive here long after it was void of humans. Polannaruwa has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO

Overnight stay at Kandy Samadhi Centre

Day 15-20


Free to enjoy Auyrveda Treatments/Yoga at the hotel.

Overnight stay at Kandy Samadi Centre


Day 21

KANDY/AIRPORT   (Approx. 03 ½ hours drive – about 115 KM )

After Breakfast proceed to Airport for departure.